Favourite Places

Are you tired each time to look for your city  among the many announced by 3B Meteo? Utilize the choice “Favourite Places” it is the ideal choice in this case: it is in fact possible to set up cities or places to which we are particularly interested, so that to find them simply in a provided area of the application.

In this way it can be decrease the time of consultation and you can get quickly the requested data. The option “Favourite places” represents a very interesting functionality because it offers good opportunities to the user to personalize: everyone has what he wants in few moments.

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Wheater Details

Wheater Conditions Details With the 3B Meteo application on Android you can have not only a view of the days with different information but also a page for each single day thanks to which you can enter and update statistics.

In this way every user can consult in depth information and news of a single day, precisely visiting:

  • Met
  • Temperature (Max/Min)
  • Wind
  • Precipitations
  • Rain Probability
  • Visibility
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Uv Index

Of course everything updated day after day to always guarantee an optimal service to the user.

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Hourly Weather Forecast

Why to be content with met forecast day after day? With 3B Meteo on Android it is in fact possible to consult the forecast even in the different moments of the day: morning, afternoon, evening and night that are the fixed periods for which different information are at disposal.

In this way the user can enter detailed and exact news which concernes:

  • Met situation and forecast
  • Temperatures
  • Humidity degree

Of course the details for a single hour are at the disposal day by day updated by 3B Meteo team, who is in charge to handle, real time, the news at disposal.

In this way the user is sure to enter detailed and optimal information.

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Weather Condition Complete View

With the Android application of 3B Meteo it is possible to have a complete view of met situation of the wished geographic area: to get the information it is extremely simple and quick, so that you can have at your disposal the sight of the situation in a very short time.

3B Meteo gives the client data and statistics such as met situation in real time and future, through forecast, besides temperatures, information about winds and sea, humidity degree and some more interesting news.

In this way the user has always the situation under control with few touches of the screen in a short time and great simplicity.

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